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article thumbnailSeven Lebanese Lifestyle Blogs 
You Should FollowSeptember 2015

LE BLOG DE CHANTY [] Launched in summer 2009 by blogger and social media analyst Chantal Akkary, Le Blog de Chanty covers everything from fashion and beauty to fitness and soci [ ... ]

article thumbnailABSOLUTE LACK OF ORIGINALITYSeptember 2015

Coca-Cola wanted everyone to imagine a world without labels and to push forward in that direction, the beverage company has dropped its own. It has indeed introduced in the Middle East region, during  [ ... ]

article thumbnailPIERRE HADDAD BACK WITH RESONANCESeptember 2015

Advertising and marketing veteran Pierre Haddad recently announced the establishment of a diversified event management, media and production company, dubbed 'Resonance'. It mainly focuses its activiti [ ... ]

article thumbnailIconic Illusions & Lost MindshareSeptember 2015

Now measure your iconic ranking, instantly ….and test your iconic brand standing in five easy steps Every single big or small mega brand organisation is convinced that their name identity is icon [ ... ]

article thumbnailTranscending Form and FunctionSeptember 2015

Eva Szumilas is a genuine designer at heart who lives with her creations as if they were alive. Her flair for design is transcended through her work that is distinctly-unique and multi-faceted just li [ ... ]

article thumbnailDesigners’ Take on Lebanon’s Trash CrisisSeptember 2015

Now that the accumulating garbage has taken a toll over Lebanon’s streets both literally and figuratively, the hunt for an effective solution to the growing trash crisis is subject to heated debates [ ... ]

article thumbnailVincenti Innovation is our lifebloodSeptember 2015

How have the new decree n 1302 been received by you and the industry? After much intense lobbying by us as well as others in the industry, this is the first decree to directly address the concerns of [ ... ]

article thumbnailToward a Fragrant TomorrowSeptember 2015

One can easily sweep specks of dust under the rug and forget. One can also, when the dirt piles up, dig a hole and burry it. However, what one cannot do, is ignore the inevitable. So, when will the [ ... ]

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